Our New Beach Home

Amanda and I love the beach.  We both grew up spending summers there.  Being from Mobile, Amanda was just a short drive away from the beach.  Her family and friends took many day trips to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.  My family would spend 1-2 weeks each summer vacationing in New Smyrna Beach, FL at my grandmother’s place there.

Since getting married in 2006, our shared love of the beach keeps us returning each summer.  Every year we take at least one trip to New Smyrna Beach to stay with my grandmother.  It's been fun to introduce Amanda, and now our kids, to the place I grew up visiting.  I'm so grateful to have had a family beach place to visit.

I know not everyone is as lucky as me.  Family beach places aren't the norm.  I've also come to realize something else; beach vacations are EXPENSIVE!  Most condos require week long minimums during the summer, and cost several thousand dollars for a family.  This makes regular family trips to the beach unattainable for so many.

This year, Amanda and I discovered Venture Out.  Although we like to consider ourselves beach veterans, Venture Out is not like anything we've experienced in the past.  This community not only offers an amazing beach experience with a private beach access, it also features 1000 feet of meticulously maintained bay front land on the Grand Lagoon.  

Almost every family activity imaginable can be accomplished from within Venture Out.  Imagine staying in the middle of a resort that offers putt putt, shuffle board, tennis, swings, slides, a playground, fishing, boating, golf cart riding, swimming, and hiking trails in an adjacent state park.  That's what Venture Out is all about!

At this point, I know what you're thinking.  This can't be an affordable place to vacation.  Well I'm excited to tell you that you're wrong!  

When we realized that we found an affordable family beach experience perfect for making memories, we knew that we had to invest in a home here.  Our desire is to offer to you a family beach getaway that is both unique and remarkable.  I have no doubt that once you stay here, you'll want to return every year.  Best of all, you'll be able to afford to return every year, because renting our place in Venture Out is cheaper than most hotel rooms!

Our sincere hope is that you'll be able to make memories with your family at the beach, just like Amanda and I have been able to do for so many years.  That's why we chose to invest in this new beach home.  I hope that you'll come stay with us, and that in time you also consider it your family's home at the beach!